Endless Soul

 'A beautifully crafted, resonant and accomplished piece of work

- Chaos Theory Promotions.


The Early Days


I started performing acoustic folk around Portsmouth in 2011. After becoming addicted to the music scene, I continued to play after moving back to my home town, London, where I found my sound with an electric guitar.

My first EP, 'Endless Soul,' was released in 2014

More recently, I did a project to challenge the shallow portrayal of women in the media, called 'I'm Not This Layer of Skin.' The song focused on the substance and creativity behind women, and the video had 15 women I knew personally showcasing their talents, interests, hobbies etc. I wanted to bring some much needed attention to other attributes women posses, instead of  what is still too strongly focused on - how we look.


I take inspiration from many of the artists I grew up listening to and am largely influenced by the likes of Janice Joplin, Joy Division, Nina Simone, BRMC, Johnny Cash, Tracy Chapman, Joan Armatrading, Perfume Genius and Nick Cave .

Descriptions from the press include:

'This release will see Yvonne take another step up the folk ladder as she introduces the listener to a fresh, darker exploration of British modern folk'

- Folk Radio UK

'Definitely one to add to your collection and cherish.'

- Fatea Records Magazine

'If her latest EP ‘Not Her Own’ is anything to go by, we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.'

- Fame Magazine

"There is the dusky soul of a miner to her music in her voice, with a Celtic aftertaste that should please die-hard folkies everywhere."

- Gigslutz


'Yvonne McDonnell has crafted six magnificently poignant pieces of art here.'

Pure M Mag


Yvonne has a voice that isn’t just pretty. The first thing I would say is that she sounds unique as well as empowering. There is a confidence in the way she sings that makes it easy for the listener to get behind the songs.

The Equal Ground


"She’s extremely talented, has a very distinct and wonderful voice, brilliant song-writing ability and is obviously very passionate about what she does."

- She Makes Music


'Regardless of the comparison, there is a pungent scent of brilliance in every note picked.'

- Give It Back Magazine


"This talented young artist is one to watch"

- King Monkey Promotions


'There are many out there trying to communicate but few are able to do it with such ease and natural articulation. As a songwriter, Yvonne seems to have inherited something from a bygone era, when pop songs were works of art in themselves, more than just forms of wall-paper and entertainment.'

- James Black - Chaos Theory Promotions.