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Five songs that changed my life

December 5, 2014

I have compiled a list of songs that I feel changed my life for the better. These are five songs that affected me in a way like nothing else. I remember where I was, what I was doing and exactly how I felt when the blissful noise filled my ears. The beautiful melodies flow with long withheld lyrics, that pour out of each artist like a shower of emotion, and are transformed into some of the most poignant works of art I have come across in my 24 years. In no particular order...


Nick Cave - Nobody's Baby Now


This song describes intricate detail that can only be observed by one so in love they are consumed by every inch of the protagonist. 'This is her dress that I love best, with the blue quilted violets across the breast.' Such honest words, 'I was a cruel hearted man,' convey the torment of a past love, thus making this, in my opinion, the most regretful, heartfelt and heartbreaking tribute to someone who now appears to be a distant memory


Janis Joplin - Little Girl Blue


As a Janis lover, I must admit this isn't my favorite song she covered, however her performance on the Tom Jones Show is the only one that has ever reduced me to tears via youtube. Having read her biography and knowing she was regularly taunted by her peers , I feel the wall she had built up over the years was temporarily abandoned, and she showed the world that she is just a little girl, openly yearning for the acceptance she was so often denied.


The Velvet Underground - Heroin


This song begins with such simplistic genius it's almost as if the band are mocking music. The coolest band on earth creating euphoric beauty with three guitar strings, leaving the listener desperate to know where it is leading. Such obvious yet profound lyrics 'it's my wife and it's my life.' But their musical ability, uniqueness and contemporary creativity slaps you so hard in the face with the chaotic ending that you begin to realise why every music fan wants to be Lou Reid. 


Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnells)


I bought the Funeral album ten years ago after hearing Rebellion (lies) on the radio and I expected to be disappointed, full sure they were going to be a one hit wonder. So I put it on one afternoon whilst getting ready to go out. I remember the first few notes of the violin, which were then joined by various other instruments that came together to create happiness. I stopped putting on my mascara, stood dead still and just listened to the whole album. When I describe what I felt to others I say it was like a wand was being put to my ears, engulfing them in magic.


Joy Division - Atmosphere


It's amazing.  


So I think I can officially say I have a slightly worrying obsession with music. But there we go...

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