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June 8, 2016


I feel sometimes I have conversations with people living in a dream world of aspiring to be like someone else. I find this notion unsettling, no matter how legendary the person, and, quite frankly, useless. I get that we all have heroes, and our heroes were inspired by their heroes and their heroes by theirs, but I think the one consistent trait of all of the people I look up to is how unique they were. No one of any significance (people who spoke to others, made a difference, became a legend, changed your life ) seemed to copy anyone else. I could be wrong, but that's the way I see it.


This might sound like a criticism, but it's really not meant to be and I just think it's a shame. I think people should find what's beautiful about themselves. Our heroes can mould us and they give us direction, but only they can be the best at being what they are. Why would you settle for being second? You can be the best that you are. If you are living in the image of someone else I can only assume that you don't see that unique beauty in yourself that lies in Everyone!


Bob Dylan himself said 'get out of the new one of you can't lend your hand, the time they are a changin.' We evolve. Things happen and we move on. I appreciate, admire and am in awe of every single one of the creative contributions that have shaped our lives and made them better, but no one can replicate what another sees in their mind and puts out into the world from its inspiration. Look into yourself. Write something. Even if it's shit . Most of it probably will be, my notebook is proof of that. But you will find that little gem and it will make you so proud and you will want to share it. When people criticise it you will accept that, because it speaks for you and your experiences. Stop trying to be your heroes. Love them and take with you what they added to your identity.


I see the attraction of the rock and roll life style, however for some reason I was never sold by it.I see people aspiring to live it, upset that they are not part of the hippy dream of the 60s, or whatever time floated their particular boat. This glamorous life we were sold, that they made films about, the images that still live today as the most iconic images, and yes they are amazing. But I can't accept that it is something that should be craved. Most of them died. People don't need that to be happy. People don't need that to say they are successful.


It is extremely difficult to pursue music these days and that's not a great lifestyle either. But being depressed and demotivated because you aren't part of this myth isn't the way to live. I don't think it exists anymore and I think it's for a good reason. I'm sure there were great aspects, and what an experience, but It's like the Instagram myth of what lies behind the beauty; it often comes with much falsity, pressure and insecurity. I might be wrong, but it's never sat right with me and I hate to see such talented people lower themselves by trying to be anything but what they are. If you create art do it for the love, stay true to your art and value YOURself.



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